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I'm a Contractor 

Can I increase my Sales by One Million?

Join our select group of businesses that dominate their market and rake in the profits!

Getting clients used to be different... so what's changed?

Yes it was.  To get started all you needed was a little advertising - some ads in the papers, some brochures in the mail, or a yellow pages ad - and your salesmen would have leads they could follow-up on. The selling process only started once they called and an appointment was set with a potential client. Ads were just to get the phone ringing! If customers needed more information, they would call you, they had no other choice. Today the landscape is different. Everyone has access to instant information through their mobile phones and laptops. They need their buying questions answered now, through the web. Are you capturing these people?  Your presence on-line needs to be treated as a tool that is selling and marketing for you 24/7, sending qualified customers to you everyday.

Old Rules? New Rules? ... let's dig in:

Old Rule #1

You needed a website, but it didn't need to be much. Simply having one, along with some basic information, was enough to give you credibility with most clients.

New Rule #1

Differentiate or die. When someone lands on your website, you have 7 seconds to stand out. Let them know why YOU are better and should earn their business.

Old Rule #2

Create and place a few advertisements, and wait for the phone to ring. Most of the client's questions, and almost everything they learned about the company, would be through the salesman.

New Rule #2

 Your website needs to be a finely tuned selling and marketing machine, always working for you. Customers need clear answers to their buying questions. Your presence online will either sell a customer, or send him to your competitor!

Old Rule #3

People who looked for you online already knew your name, anyone who happened to stumble upon you was extra. Your leads all came from advertising and word of mouth.

New Rule #3

You must rank on the first page of search results, or be lost forever. If a potential client doesn't find you online, you simply don’t exist. The more you dominate the search results, the more business you will generate.

Old Rule #4

Just sell the appointment. Once you were in their home, or they were in your showroom, it was time to sell them on you, the company, and your service.

New Rule #4

Today customers want to be close to sold before they even call you. They need to trust and know you, and think they’d be fools to go anywhere else. Now when they book an appointment they are serious buyers, ready to pay for the premium service that you provide.

Kick the old rules, Start Dominating

We exclusively work with businesses from the home improvement industry. Because of this, we know your industry and the best ways to effectively market your business.  Our first step when meeting with you is to do an overall evaluation - and along with your input - come up with a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). We will then formulate a marketing strategy that fits your growth plans. As always, we want to build long term marketing plans for maximum growth.

We are a highly focused marketing company that create unique plans for your business growth. We limit our services to a maximum of two contractor types in any geographical area. That is our guarantee to you. There is only so much room at the top - we do not want to compete with ourselves. Your marketing should be like your accounting service, receiving direction from you but allowing you to focus on what you do best: running your business.

Our 4 Growth Keys

Conversion Rate

Straight forward in concept but difficult in practice. Your Conversion Rate is how many leads are created from every 100 browsers that visit your site! Think of this like the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Most web designers make attractive looking websites, but with little strategy into how well it converts.

Social Proof

Social proof is key to building credibility and  pre-selling customers before you ever meet them. Think of the restaurant that has a large line-up to get in. Nobody asks if the food is good, it must be, because the line is the message everyone clearly gets. Social proof works the same way for your business.

SEO Dominance

Paid ads on Google will only attract a maximum 18% of Google users. Most people won't click them, yet many businesses are paying for ads. Instead they  should be ranking in the  organic results and taking the lion's share of the business. They are majoring in the minors!

Feedback Loop

We create a feedback loop as part of your complete marketing package. We gather analytics from customer interactions online, as well as data from your actual customers, all to help us better serve and market them.